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About Us

Palm Tree Leaves

Emporium de Coconut is the only coconut product manufacturing company in The Bahamas.   We produce a wide variety of premium quality coconut products, which are sold both locally and internationally.    Formally know as 'The Coconut Factory', we have have been in business for over 12 years.

Emporium de Coconut uses only organic wild-grown coconuts sourced from many islands throughout The Bahamas.   We do not import coconuts.     We are an eco-friendly company, processing the entire mature coconut, leaving no waste.   We source coconut locally, further contributing to the economic sustainability of the family of islands.

Every product we create contains a touch of coconut magic! Some of our coconut-infused food products are so skillfully crafted that you won't even taste the coconut, but its enchanting essence enhances the overall experience!

Don't just take our word for it.    Come and discover the Taste of Paradise yourself at our gift shop location or pay a visit to our booth (no. 15) at Nassau Cruise Port for a delightful array of exotic coconut creations! 🥥🌴

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